My Top 3 Things To Do In Kyoto | Japan

Ready to visit Kyoto?! Let me provide some inspiration for you to find some things to do while there.

Kyoto is a historical place with a lot of temples and shrines  I only spent a day here so I definitely did not see all there is to see. I am not a shrines and temples person due to my beliefs so Kyoto was not my type of city but still enjoyed the chilled and historical vibe it gave.

Here are the top three things I would recommend in Kyoto: 

1. Vist Kinka-ju (The Golden Pavillion) 

It is a very pretty temple and is in a very beautiful and picturesque place.

The Golden Pavillion/ The Golden Pavillion/

This is about how far we got to because we got to Kyoto a little late and things are not that  close in distance. So listed below are two other things that I wish I got to do and see.

2. Walk around Arashiyama

It is located on the outskirts of Kyoto and is a scenic place where you can find bamboo and monkeys. A beautiful place for a nice walk.

Arashiyama/ Arashiyama/

3. Take a stroll at Maruyama Park

Maruyama Park is a park in Kyoto which is most popular when it is cherry blossom season.

Maruyama Park/ Maruyama Park/

Hope you have left inspired!  Sarah x

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