BlogCon Ldn 2017 & Tips For Your First Blogger Event

Chi Chi London/ Instagram :@chichiclothing Chi Chi London/ Instagram :@chichiclothing

I had the pleasure of attending BlogCon Ldn 2017 by Scarlett London Events at the QEII Centre in London This was my first blogger event and it was super interesting.  I got to meet different bloggers and brands. Although it was lots of fun I almost I didn’t go because I was so nervous and didn’t know what to wear. So I thought I would give a few tips for your first blogger event.

Queen Elizabeth II Centre Queen Elizabeth II Centre

1) Wear what you want!

This may sound pretty simple but honestly you can overthink it because there is no guidebook on what to wear to blogger events. Ultimately you are your brand and you represent your blog. If it is your first blogger event you may still be working out what that is just like I am. My advice is to wear what is comfortable but also what you feel represents you and your blog. Don’t try and replicate others just be yourself.

I  kept it simple with a pair of jeans but then tried to dress it up a little with a flowery top. I wore a pair of boots that were fairly comfortable and I was able to walk the whole time BUT don’t feel like you have to dress up in heels unless you have been given a dress code of some sort or really want to wear them!  Check out My Outfit

Boots- Deichmann

2) Don’t be afraid to go by yourself

I went to BlogCon Ldn by myself and met people there. I didn’t know anyone but I randomly started talking to people. If this too much for you, you can tweet or message other people on social media before the event and ask to go along with them. I did not do this because I wanted to go by myself and see what it would be like and it was totally fine. You just need to go up to people and say hi or mention something you like about what they are wearing then a conversation begins. Pretty simple but also daunting I know!

3) Bring your business cards

If you have them bring them! I did not have any but I was asked by a brand for mine. I am now working on getting them done. If you don’t have any for your event don’t worry about. you can always write down your blog name for someone that asks. Maybe try and have them ready for another event you may be going to.

4) Eat before you go

Okay so this may sound silly but I went without eating assuming that there would be proper snacks. There were snacks but not to replace food lol. If you are going to be networking you need to be well fed to be able to bring forth your best self! I still did okay because I am one of those people that can function on an empty stomach but would have done better if I actually ate.

5) Smile

Walk up to tables and smile, ask questions, take pictures and take bloggers and brands business cards from them. You will probably post about it later so you want to be able to tag and reconnect with the people that you met at the event.

Check out some of the brands below

Green Cola: FB-greencola Green Cola: FB-greencola Love Inc/ Instagram: @loveincltd Love Inc/ Instagram: @loveincltd Love Inc/ Instagram: @loveincltd Love Inc/ Instagram: @loveincltd Johnny Loves Rosie/Instagram: Johnnylovesrosieofficial Johnny Loves Rosie/Instagram: Johnnylovesrosieofficial The Glam App/ Twitter: @theglamapp The Glam App/ Twitter: @theglamapp

There were more brands than the pictures above but I was just having so much fun I stopped taking photos lol

Aflorex– a probiotic brand   Twitter: Aflorex

Excuviance– a skin care brand  Twiter: ExcuvianceuK

Natural World– a hair brand     Instagram: @naturalworldhair

Protein Dyanamix– a protein bar brand    Instagram@proteindynamix

Have you been to a blogger event. How did you find it? What advice would you give someone?

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