Loboc River Cruise | Bohol Island | Philippines

Last year I visited the Philippines and went to Bohol & Panglao Island and Cebu.  While staying there I went on a Bohol Island tour where I did a number of things. One of them was this Loboc river cruise and I just had to share it with you.

I really liked this short river cruise on the Loboc river, the emerald river was so beautiful. Some may not find this river cruise  amazing but I found it quite nice. It was part of a day tour I took which cost 400 pesos. When we got to the Loboc river  we had to pay another 100 pesos I believe. The cruise included a buffet lunch with lots of different meats, fruit and vegetables and there is also live music on the cruise. If you are going to the river cruise by yourself without a tour I believe it costs around 450 pesos do this river cruise( check it up).

I would recommend this cruise to anyone visiting the area.

The sun was blinding me but I am not complaining lol. I love the sun.

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