Luxembourg City Photo Essay

Luxembourg City is known as a small but lovely place. This month I visited Luxembourg for two days and it was perfect for my first EU solo trip and potentially for yours?

If you only have 24 hours in Luxembourg I would recommend spending the day using the Luxembourg hop on and hop off bus along with the Petrusse express(train). This way you would see the new city and the old city at a great price with you as a tourist in mind. You can check out the website HERE. If you have 48 hours you may want to decide what you want to do and just use public transportal though the sightseeing bus is still perfectly fine.

The main places of interest ย I enjoyed are:

The Case Bockmatesย 

The Panormaic Elavatorย 

The Central Train Station Area

Villa Vauban

Kirchberg/Utopia Mall

Place de la Constitution




As you can see Luxembourg City is very green and I loved it!

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