What Sim Card To Buy For A Short Term Trip To Mainland China?LoyoMobile.com

When I knew that I would be travelling to mainland China I was super nervous about not having access to Facebook, YouTube and Google. I already knew about VPN’s but had only really heard about them for computers and not for mobile phones. If you don’t know, VPN’s allow you to access websites that are blocked in a country.

I searched around and came across a sim card that already had a VPN on it and all I had to do set up a few things and it was ready to go. It was a little bit expensive BUT for me it was really important to have a number I could be contacted on and to have easy access to the internetย because I was travelling solo.

If you are looking for a convenient sim card to use for short term use then look no further.

Loyomobile provides sim cards for people that would like to have a sim card on hand for when they arrive to their destination. I bought a sim card for Hong Kong and China from them and they both worked fine. They also provide sim cards for many other countries.

I bought a China Unicom 4G simcard for $24.99. It was active for 30 days, included a secure VPN and came with 100 RMB credit. I used my internet sparingly and made sure I was still able to use Google maps, Whatsapp, Instagram etc when I was out. Loyomobile also allows you to top up using the site.

Chinaunicom sim card

This particular sim card is no longer available on the website but don’t worry they seem to have an updated version and a lot more options than before.

When you purchase the sim card you have to upload a passport photo and provide an arrival date. There are also instructions on how to set the sim card up. SAVE THIS INFORMATION SOMEWHERE ON YOUR PHONEย because I did not receive it alongside my sim card in the post.

Overall using Loyomobile was easy and convenient. The sim card worked well and I will hopefully being using them again in the future.

Let me know if you have used Loyomobile, How did you find using them? Which sim card did you buy?


Sarah x



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